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Starting his poetry journey in 2005, he has successfully published his four books of poetry, available at and on some other sites. Outspoken, A Bold Stroke, Assalam-o-Alaikum O' Universe, Take your Freedom. His focus is mainly on social, ethical, political and religious topics because he thinks there is a greater need of good poetry in this arena.

Jane Helf

Media Productions

He has been making short documentaries, recitational videos, poetry videos and some other creative stuff for quite a while. He also teaches and gives speeches through online videos. . Teaching is his passion and that is why he has few video channels such as on youtube, vimeo, aparat and etc. He thinks that online video education is a revolutionized way of both teaching and learning.

Reciter & Composer
Joshua Insanus


He is a student of Professor Ustad Syed Sibti Jafar Zaidi of Pakistan and Ustad Imrat khan of India. He has excelled in "Soazkhwani" an Islamic vocal art and also performed at Harvard University on behalf of his teacher Prof. Sibti Jaafar. He himself has composed dozens of religious songs, encomiums and elegies. Many of his great compositions which are also recited by him are uploaded on his channels on youtube and vimeo.

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I believe in collaboration in artistic projects so I am looking forward to hear from the artists around the world.

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